On Campus Facilities



Well updated library facility is available for every student in the premises of the college. It has spaced enough to accomplish large number of student at a time. Environment is fully on peaceful study base. All types of ICAP’s updated course books are always available. Both teachers and students can issue the books frequently on some rules and regulations.


Net Access:

Students have the facility of web browsing and searching due to the availability of internet in the IT lab. They can use the facility of net to enhance their study approach but under some limitation as proxy settings are on the use of the net so that they do not waste their time on Face book, games and other useless activities. In this way every student get chance to use the net for study purposes.



There is also a bookshop available where all type of stationary like notebooks, pencils, pens and many other things along with the variety of books are available.



In educational sector photocopy is the necessary element. Student need documents, notes and other things to be copied. For this purpose PAC has arranged a photocopying facility by making photocopier shop. By doing this students do not need to go outside for photocopy.


Prayer Area:

It has been seen in most of educational sectors that students find it difficult to offer the prayers when they are in their college/university, due to which they miss their Namaz i.e. not a good thing being a Muslim. Keeping the importance of this pillar of Islam and the ease of staff and student PAC has specified a big room for this purpose with attached ablution system.


Table Tennis:

PAC is the institute that does not believe in only giving the course base study but it also gives the same importance to the co-curricular activities of the students. A proper table tennis facility is being provided to students and planning to arrange some other support facilities to them.



A cafeteria is also there where along with refreshment items main course meal is also available that is prepare in a hygienic way. There is a proper check system for the hygienic certainty of food. So student can enjoy a healthy meal not at their homes but also on PAC Café.


Wash rooms:

Washrooms are always kept clean. Male and female have separate wash room. There is a care taker who has the responsibility to make sure that the washrooms are not dirty. Both old and modern types of washrooms are there according to their needs.


Computer Lab:

Students can practice the computer application by their hand in the IT lab which is well equipped with latest Microsoft tools. All sections have the weekly timings as well in their timetable to use the IT lab.


Common Room:

A special room is allotted to the girls’ student that is called girls common room. Here girls can take rest in their break time, can do lunch.it have three washrooms for them. It is also guided by care taker who remains there for the maintenance and cleanliness.


Parking Facility:

For bikes and vehicles a proper parking area is provided. This is fully protected as two to three guards are there for their protection. They always are there so parking area is safe to park your vehicles.