Why it is important to start CAF now?

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken over the world. Countries have been locked down, borders closed, families confined within their homes. First and foremost, our education institutions were closed down; rightly so. Our children have since been home-locked, their studies & learning at a standstill. What now?

  • Long Gone Are the times of a “Traditional Lockdown”

We now live in the age of technology with everything right at our fingertips. PAC has therefore introduced, first of its kind in Pakistan, the Home to Home teaching model where teachers teach from their homes, and students study from their homes! It is extremely efficient and productive and we already have more than 1500 CAF & CFAP students studying on our “Home to Home” model.

  • How effective is this Home to Home model?

PAC isn’t new to the Online teaching method. We have been teaching online through our PAC School of Online learning (PAC SOL) since the past 5 years and our students of PAC SOL have performed exceptionally well with 11 Certificates of Merit and 2 Gold Medals. We have applied all of our experience using this system to bring your children the best possible platform for Home to Home education.

  • Why is it important to start CAF now?

Due to the lockdown, AFC exams have been delayed, but there is no official verdict on CAF September, 2020 exams. This session of CAF is already short with 2 Eids and many other holidays falling within it. It is important for your child to start their CAF now in order to make sure their CAF preparation is completed in time for the September 2020 Attempt.

  • In these testing times, what has PAC done to facilitate students financially?

Whatever we do, ease of our students is our utmost priority. Keeping this mind, we are offering flexible installments to our students.

Verdict: It is highly recommended that your children not waste their time and start taking their CAF classes now. This will save their precious time and will eventually help them complete their CAF well in time. Firms also prefer students who complete their CAF in minimum attempts within minimum time.