Special Section of CAF

Special Section of CAF is starting from 2nd December 2019. It’s a great opportunity for students who want to pass first two exams of CAF in as little time as possible.

Special Section for CAF is starting from 2nd December 2019. Students should register in special section to study first two exams of CAF in a fast track batch & increase their chances of passing these exams in first attempt.  A lot of students think CAF level exams are difficult to pass. In reality CAF exams are not difficult at all; they just require more knowledge & hard work than AFC level exams. CAF exams just require better exam techniques. So wait no further & join special section of CAF batch.  PAC has highest Gold medals & certificate of merits in Pakistan. PAC has also highest passing ratio for CA in Pakistan. Register and study from the best CA faculty in the country & pass your exams with flying colors.

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