Why PAC ?

The syllabus is divided into two levels – Fundamentals and Professional. The Fundamentals introduce you to both financial and management accounting techniques and cover the main technical areas that all accountants are expected to master. At the Professional level, you build on that knowledge and explore advanced skills and techniques.

Fundamentals of Knowledge

F1: FA (Accountant in Business)

F2: MA (Management Accounting)

F3: FA (Financial Accounting)8

F5: PM (Performance Management)

F6: TX (Taxation)

F7: FR (Financial Reporting)

F8: AA (Audit and Assurance)

F9: FM (Financial Management)

Professional Essentials

P1 & P3: SBL (Strategic Business Leader)

P2: SBR (Strategic Business Reporting)

Professional Options (two to be completed)

P4: AFM (Advanced Financial Management)

P5: APM (Advanced Performance Management)

P6: ATX (Advanced Taxation)

P7: AAA (Advanced Audit and Assurance) 

Fundamentals Skills

F4: LW (Corporate and Law)

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