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Corporate training is of enormous importance for any business and industry to mitigate risks of failure, to help employees in carrying day to day operations at work and to enhance their value. Many succeeding companies invest a more significant chunk of their incomes in training their employees from time to time to stand out.
We combine our work with our clients to empower their employees with the new knowledge and skills needed in today’s competitive market. Our group is committed to the advancement of individuals and assists them in their life as positive and highly productive persons in their organizations.

PAC is proud to be associated with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) since the year 2000 and we are involved in house customized training for the officers as well as officials of all sections of FBR. PAC has trained thousands of FBR staff members of all grades and positions. The training is provided in domains of Accounting, Taxation Laws, Internal and External Auditing, Financial Reporting, Management Reporting, And Business Management. This training is imparted through the iterative process of innovative Case study approach which enhances the analytical skills of trainees and gives them a more in-depth insight into complex business problems.
PAC’s faculty has also been associated with the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP) as lead trainers for their IFRS diploma level 1 and 2.
PAC has regularly been conducting CISA (Certified Information System Auditor) at both individual and corporate levels since 2006.

These training sessions are conducted by the competent and proficient instructors of PAC having multiple skills in the field of accountancy. These trainers devise very creative and innovative means to train the employees and trainees.

  1. PAC has multiple trainers with experience in various fields of accountancy, commerce, finance and soft skills, sales, Customer service, Marketing, Management, Leadership etc.
  2. PAC has trained over 1500 government officials & has conducted various public training sessions.
  3. Our corporate training program has helped over 100 businesses.

Mr. Jafar Husain-FCA

Mr. Salahuddin Yousaf-FCA

Mr. Asim Nazeer Ch. -FCA

Mr. Mirza Ali Hassan

Mr. Mohsin Nasrullah-FCA

Mr. Talha Ahmed-ACA

Mr. M. Shafiq Aslam-ACA

Mr. Samie-ACA

Mr. Abu bakar-FCA

Mr. Nasir Abbas-FCA

Mr. Javed Akhtar-ACA

Mr.  Shahzeb Sanwal-ACA

Mr. Rameez Asif-ACA

Mr. Zahid Noor –FCA

Finance Act 2019 – 3 hours workshop

This workshop was conducted for industry professionals to get familiar with the recent changes made in Finance Act 2019 by the Government. The workshop was attended by 25 professionals from different sectors.

Employability Skills – 3 hours workshop

This workshop was conducted for newly qualified professionals as well as students to equip them with skills necessary for job opportunities. The workshop was attended by 35 persons

Post result counseling session for ACCA students

An online counseling session was conducted for ACCA students to guide them about the papers selection, exams techniques, study habits etc. The session was attended by 15 students from different cities.

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Accounting in 60 minutes
  • Accounting and financial statements analysis
  • Accounting and Finance Policies and Procedures
  • Accounts Payable: Accounting and Management Best Practices
  • Advanced budgeting workshop
  • Financial modeling for startups and small businesses