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The Chartered Accountancy Programme focuses on building a strong foundation in strategic decision making and accounting advisory services. The program will provide broad knowledge in topics of business, economics, auditing, taxation, management, and information systems. On successful completion of the program, the students will possess strong analytical and communication abilities to succeed in the business environment. As a Chartered Accountant, the students will have to be able to provide accounting, audit, tax, advisory, and management services to business organizations. They will have the opportunity to work in multinational corporations, oil refineries, banks or even start their accountancy firm. A Chartered Accountant is not only in high demand in Pakistan but also globally.

Why Chartered Accountancy

  • Chartered Accountants have a myriad of career options including working in high multinational corporations, advising governments, and supporting charities and businesses from every industry all over the world
  • Students with a Chartered Accountancy qualification are sought by employers all over the world
  • The starting salaries for chartered accountants are impressive and compare favorably with salaries for those starting out in law, general management and banking
  • The HEC equates CA qualification to a Master’s qualification in Commerce
  • Chartered Accountancy is a secure qualification because no matter the company size everyone needs a chartered accountant


CA is a five-year program consisting of four levels and a training program:

  • Assessment of Fundamental Competencies (AFC)
  • Certificate in Accounting and Finance (CAF)
  • Certified Finance and Accounting Professional (CFAP)
  • Multi-Subject Assessment (MSA)
  • Training program: the students have to join a firm

After the successful completion of AFC and CAF, it is mandatory for students to join an authorized training organization for a period of three and a half years. The training will include specific learning for each field of specialization in accountancy through practical experience. After one and half year completion of their training, the students will also be required to give their CFAP exams. Once the relevant CFAP exams are cleared, the students will be eligible to give their MSA papers.
Moreover, as part of the CA program focus is also given to improve the students speaking and presentation skills. For this it is compulsory for the students to take the presentation and communication skills course.

This level requires understanding and awareness of the subject matter and related concepts. The candidates will be expected to have ability to understand the nature of basic concepts. Assessment of Fundamental Competencies (AFC)

Subject Code Subject Subject Type Examination in Months Objective General Learning Outcomes
AFC-1 Functional English Theoretical March, September, June, and December. To ensure that candidates can communicate effectively in the English language “Candidates will be able to; · Use a range of vocabulary correctly. · Construct sentences using grammar. · Demonstrate the ability of speed reading and comprehension.”
AFC-2 Business Communication Theoretical
AFC-3 Quantitative Methods Mathematical
AFC-4 Information Technology Practical/Theoretical

The competency for this level requires good understanding and detailed evaluation of the subject matter and related concepts, along with the ability to apply concepts and skills in simple professional scenario. The person will be expected to have ability to provide reasonable justification and logical explanation to support their professional judgment and decision making.

Subject Code Subject Subject Type
CAF-1 Introduction to Accounting Numerical
CAF-2 Introduction to Economics Numerical/Theoretical
CAF-3 Business Law Theoretical
CAF-4 Business Management and Behavioural Theoretical
CAF-5 Financial Accounting and Reporting-I Numerical
CAF-6 Principles of Taxations Numerical/Theoretical
CAF-7 Financial Accounting and Reporting-II Numerical
CAF-8 Cost and Management Accounting Numerical
CAF-9 Audit and Assurance Theoretical

The competency for this level requires an in-depth understanding of the subject matter and related concepts. The person will be expected to have the ability to critically examine and evaluate all concepts and available information to make firm professional judgments and make decisions. Certified Finance and Accounting Professional (CFAP)

Subject Code Subject Subject Type
CFAP-1 Advance Accounting &Financial Reporting Numerical
CFAP-2 Corporate Laws Theoretical
CFAP-3 Business Management & Strategy Theoretical
CFAP-4 Business Finance Decisions Numerical/Theoretical
CFAP-5 Advanced Taxation Numerical/Theoretical
CFAP-6 Audit Assurance & Related Services Theoretical
Multi Subject Assessment(MSA)
Subject Code Subject Subject Type
MSA-1 Financial Reporting & Assurance Case Studies
MSA-2 Management Professional Competence Case Studies

Through this course, PAC aims to equip its students with the skills and knowledge to successfully conduct presentations and help students speak eloquently. Presentation and Communication Skills Course(PCSC)

Subject Code Subject
PCSC-01 Presentation and communication skills course I

Admission Requirement

Higher Secondary School Certificate with a minimum of 50% marks. ‘A’ Levels with minimum two passes, or equivalent qualification. Graduates with a minimum of 45% marks.

Exemption Criteria

If you are a bachelor degree holder, secured excellent marks in Intermediate/A- Levels examination or a qualified member of another professional accountancy body, you could be eligible to get exemptions from some papers/complete levels to join the ICAP. ICAP offers various routes to join CA program including reciprocal agreements, advanced credit arrangements, common content arrangements.

    Our Star Students Testimonials

    I studied at PAC in Modules A through F. I was able to secure a total of 7 certificates of Merit and 3 Gold Medals in my ICAP examinations. I was quite taken back by how much my teachers cared for me and supported meat every step of my studies. Along with that, the testing system and the mocks really prepared me well for my ICAP exams.

    Muhammad Saad

    I am currently doing my articleship from PWC and I’ve completed my AFC and CAF from PAC and now am enrolled for my CFAP classes. I can say that studying at PAC has been the best decision of my educational life as I was, with the help of my teachers and the cooperation of the management was able to secure 2 Gold Medals and 4 Certificates of Merit. I recommend to everyone to follow the testing system of PAC and have faith in its faculty as this will be the pathway to your success.

    Muhammad Shahbaz

    I studied Introduction to Economics from Sir Ejaz Butt in Special Section last year. The biggest help was the thoroughly designed course coverage plan which never overburdened us. I participated in class tests, mid-terms and mocks exams and that was the main reason why I was able to secure the certificate of merit.

    Safi Ullah Javed