First Academic Institute which formalized Charted accountancy in Pakistan

PAC is the oldest accountancy institute established in 1987 with a vision to provide quality education in the field of accountancy. PAC, since the inception of its journey, has made it its mission to promote not only professional education, but the latest practices in all fields of commerce including accountancy, finance & law. PAC's experience of over 35 years helps the students to overcome major and minor hurdles throughout the time of their studies.

highest Numbers of Gold Medals and Certificate Merits

PAC prides itself in being the most coveted accountancy institute in Pakistan with its students winning a huge numbers of distinctions and accolades. One such example is PAC's 39 Gold Medals and 144 certificates of merit in the examinations of ICAP; the highest number any institute has managed to gather.

Professionally Qualified, Highly Experienced and dedicated faculty

PAC's mission to provide the highest quality of education could not have been successful without the right trainers at its disposal. PAC's faculty members are mostly qualified chartered accountants. Their practical approach towards the subjects and their firm hold on the concepts of the subjects they teach acts as a double edged sword in helping them dissect the course content.

Strong Alumni Foothold

PAC boasts an alumni network of over 100,000 strong. Most of our students are inducted in the top most accountancy firms and multinational companies in Pakistan and all around the world. PAC has achieved this by holding regular training and grooming sessions for students to help them prepare for their professional lives.

Systems and Publication

PAC has a refined testing system built with the experience of over 33 years. The tests prepare students to more than for their final examinations. Furthermore, PAC has its own publishing house by the name of IPC (Ishfaq Publishing Company) that has published books in various subjects of accounting.

Online Presence

Owing to the introduction of school of online learning, PAC has created a strong system of its online presence through which topical lectures, study material and resources are available online for students. Along with this, the academic performance of the students, including their tests results, their attendance and their mock results are also accessible online which makes it very easy for students to track their progress.

Students Grooming

PAC emphasizes a great deal on grooming and honing its students' soft and interpersonal skills. This is done by conducting regular seminars and training. PAC also has sessions with its students called "Mind your interview" in which students' interview takings skills are sharpened which is one of the reasons why PAC's students consistently perform well and get inducted into top firms.

Campus Life

PAC provides its students with a 24/7 library, spacious classrooms, computer labs, cafeteria, and a dedicated sports facility. All these help provide a unique campus life experience to students.


Numerous academic and need based scholarships are available for students. These assist them a great deal in continuing their education with PAC without any hurdles.